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Stand Up & Live for Life Workshop - From The Max Foundation Website

(This is the picture of all Max Family after the event closing- we are the family of all joy and tears that we share- with all the power in every of us.)

(This is the picture of Max Family Core Group & Volunteers who has put all the effort, time, energy, sincerity and honesty at teh event closing. Thanks to all. without you guys, there is no Max Family for all CML)

This article taken from The Max Foundation Website

“Stand Up and Live for Life”
May 25 2007

People living with CML in Malaysia break new ground by organizing a two day workshop for those affected by the disease.

There are few occasions in which one has the privilege to witness social change. Such change was never more evident than the one perceived at the first Malaysia CML workshop. In a 48 hour period, friendships were formed, cultural and language barriers were broken, and an amazing group of people took control of their own lives.

The First Workshop for people living with CML took place in Malacca on April 28 and 29, 2007. It was organized by the core group of the Max Family, the newly formed support group for people living with CML, and co-organized by the Malaysian Society of Haematology and The Max Foundation; sponsored by Novartis Malaysia. The workshop was attended by more than 150 CML survivors and their family members.

The air was warm, everyone was buzzing with excitement, as preparations went on the way. The opening ceremony was lead by Dr. Ng Soo Chin, President of the Malaysian Society of Haematology, followed a presentation by Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Executive Director of The Max Foundation.

The content was rich and kept participants fully engaged. The thoughtfully planned content was broken into two sessions: a motivational session lead by Mr. Baba Ismail. Mr. Baba is a qualified counselor by profession. He reminded everyone of the value of laughter, the importance of touch and the power of love. The educational session was clear, full, and interesting, carried on by Dr Vijaya Sangkar. Following Dr Sangkar’s lecture, he was joined by 4 of his dedicated colleagues, Dr Leong Chooi Fun, Dr Kok Keng Weng, Dr Teh Hiok Seng and Dr Guan Yong Khee who lead a questions and answer session for small groups of patients in several languages, making the interaction and clarity of discussions superb.

After the CML session came the patient testimonials, reminding all participants that it is possible to turn tragedy into triumph.

The workshop ended in a great note, a cake was brought out to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the Glivec International Patient Assistance Program, GIPAP. For five consecutive years, this program has provided prescribed Glivec to more than 500 people in the program in Malaysia month after month, patient by patient. Most of the members of the Max Family are also GIPAP recipients. They took the opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude to Novartis.

At the end of the day, it was time to go home. As buses were living one could hear the laughter, the chatter, the clicks of the thousands of photos taken, the hugs and the promise to get together again soon.

For people who attended this unprecedented event, life will never be the same. As we all return to our own duties and busy lives, we will always carry with us the memories of the moment in time where things changed. We are empowered by this energy; and regardless of what life brings in the future, we will never be alone again because we will always have each other.

Also, we bring back with us the essence of the workshop – Power of Love, Power of Support & Power of Knowledge.

The workshop changed things for ever, like a big bang. But every big bang needs a spark; the recipe in this case was the combination of the efforts of several stakeholders:

  • An unprecedented access to treatment initiative by Novartis, who has ensured widespread access to their state of the art treatment for CML, Glivec, through their Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP);
  • Blend this with the absolute dedication of The Max Foundation’s team of advocates for whom patients are at the core of their existence. Specifically represented in Malaysia by the most dedicated and caring advocate by the name of Mei Ching;
  • Add to this the Max Family core group, a group of CML survivors themselves who are young, energetic, inspired people that have heard the call to make their lives matter;
  • Sister Tan, an inspirational nurse whose quick smile and endless energy inspires us all;
  • Finally, a group of extremely dedicated physicians who spend their day off sharing their wisdom with others.

  • Put it all together and brace yourself to witness a miracle.

    - The End-

    Just want to thank (thank never been enuff for the great things happened in life) all this "International Family of Max". These people have made their precious time and share the moment with all of us in Malaysia.

    - Pat Garcia Gonzalez- The founder, of The Max Foundation, Seattle
    - Amma Viji & Ayeshah- The Max Foundation Station India (Asia Pacific)
    - Nelia -
    The Max Foundation Station Philippines
    - Wirat- The Max Foundation Station Thailand

    Miss all the love, spirit and support from every of these wonderful person.

    Please get more review and pictures from The Max Foundation Website and very thanks to Pat Garcia Gonzalez, lovely angel of all greatest and heartiest person....


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