Friday, February 15, 2008

Beads & Sequins Embroidery - Open for Booking NOW!!

Hello all,

Now i am busy learn and sew Beads N Sequins on the fabric, especially on 'baju kurung', blouse, jeans, pillow case and also 'tudung' / shawl.

My few project was on my own clothes and tudung and pillow case. Some using the simple design , and to be honest during that particular time i used other people design as i dunt have my own design. After 3 months of self learning thru internet and few books, i started to design few designs.

I want to thanks my hubby who encourage me to do all this and never stop support me in many aspects...TQ so comes with love n i believed i can do whatever with his courage and of coz God will.

Special TQ goes to Kak Noreesa for her birthday present. The book was so useful and it does help a lot. TQ for such great gift. I owe her one embroidery for free as my promise to her...

Start now on, i will start focus on doing this. So officially now i can take order from anyone who trust me in sewing their 'property'. Details of the order such below:

1- You need to send me the material and will discuss the design and what you want me to do with it.
2- For now i need 3 days for simple design, and 4-5 days for some complicated design. If there is no order during the time, i will try to finish ASAP. Urgent case will be entertain if i have enough time to do.
3- Price range will be determine during the discussion, with no change of design, the price fix. Catalouge will be ready in few days with sample pictures of ready made items.
4- Japanese beads will be use, due to the suitability and quality. Sequins, pearl, acrylic flower and some other material will be use depends on the design suitability.
5- Paymnet will be made cash upon collection of your property.

I will upload some pictures as references from time to time. Here are some of the pictures for pleasure viewing.

For those who interested please email me : or can YM me anytime at:

TQ for those who wish me Happy Birthday. No celebration at all. Sorry for no party and what so called. Not this year. But TQ God for this beautiful life and never ending happiness.

My very 1st project, my own baju kurung.

On going project, pink kebaya, with pink + purple beads + acrylic flower (small). Will upload latest results soon.

My reference book.

My design book. Mostly pics taken from other people design in the internet. Thats how self learning start. TQ for those share online.