Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pregnancy Update - 7 months

Hi Hi Hi.... Just quick update too...... on how Baby Iman is doing inside ...Visited O&G Day Care Clinic, HKL for details scan follow-up check up last 6th June here is the update:
- Baby Iman doin fine in term of physical as per details scan by the doctor
- The head is at below position but no sign of delivery even it was the sign when it reach week of 32 and above

- The doctor said he is bit active - by observing his kicking and moving mode (I'd be ready to have naughty boy soon)

- Baby weight only 1 kg, compared to last month 450g only - but ppl said it is small for 7 months pregnancy....look at me please if you dunt mind...

- My weight is normal - 55kg (the highest in my life, where now only you can c my tummy hehehhehe.... i feel gud, even they said it is impossible to get back to normal weight after labor process...errmmm its ok i want to have 47kg after this, even my weight was 40kg- its not ideal and unhealthy actually), my BP rate and everything was ok n normal
- conclusion i am fine
- next check up at Maternity Clinic on 28th June

I am thinking of giving birth at KL instead of goin hometown.....ermmmm for many reasons i guess... sometimes we cant be to depend and must be really up to that situation....we can only can plan, but plan can change where is is needed...... Ok let pray things will be smooth, safe and InsyaAllah......i will keep you guys updated.....

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