Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Review/ summary of year 2006

thinking about do a review/ summary for yr 2006....maybe these are the lists of the review:

Who Married?
Who Engage?
Who Got Baby?
Who Now Pregnant?
Who Resigned?
Who Passed Away?
Who got New Job/ Promoted/ New Bizz?
Who Move House?
Who Buy New Car?
Who Sit for Exam?
Who went to Makka for Haj?

hehehhe if i am so free i will list down n do..heheheh sesaja nak list down....
kalau ada lg i will add on....
nampak sgt aku ni tak der kerja arah haluan...


Stanley said...


It is nice to have you at my blog.

The tone in my blog is bcoz I am to technical instead of being human :-). After reading you grumble, I would like my blog to be human and sociable, :-).

Mrs Grumble said...

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for drop by here and 'reading my grumble'...does it sound weird...but its fine. hehehhe my blog tone is similiar to the name itself....grumble...
keep visiting....
i will be in Kelantan for Raya Haji....maybe can meet with Shifu & U....