Saturday, December 09, 2006

Grumble pg Sabtu

Sayur-Sayuran Segar di Malaysia

I just finished watching Discovery Channel, n grab the remote control to check other channel….RTM1- Femme. I hv no idea apa rancangan itu. Then RTM2- Bawang & Halia (B&H)…..OOOOoooooo apa ni, dah la gempar now ni with BAwang MErah Bawang Putih dr Indon kat tv yg buat semua org yg menonton jd sedikit tak keruan, ada plak crita bawang n halia, Malaysia pun nak wat cerita bawang jugak….apa menda lah semua ni? Apa menda ni Malaysia di landa sayur-sayuran ker? Me n hubby mcm biul sekejap pikirkan current senario ….u know we always think tat now Malaysia ‘TENAT’ dlm byk hal…if u tgk tv macam cerita yg ada selain dr Discovery Channel N News, apalah sgt yg tinggal for the mind development, for the knowledge purposes….OPPSss do I say something offend anyone here? I guess yes for few ppl who responsible here….but then again its all opinion of me….yeaarrrghhh really we now quite not rite somewhere with our country current envi…really …I know everyone realize this fact but ikan bilis like us apa sangat yg kita blh buat…sembang2 to each other n then diam , keep komplen, kuasa bukan kat tgn kita…ok go back to B&H….TV is one of the biggest and transparent medium to the public, for many reasons, educating, informing, entertaining and also other purposes sometimes out of it way too….with this current development of Malaysia, and the awareness level we need more than B&H, never said tat was bad idea or wat…but we need more than tat…for the growth, for the mind development, for the maturity level….this is my plain opinion abt TV show lately….i define it as sick…with all those nonsense reality tv show? OMG…wat is that? Izzit one of the way how we want to achieve Vision 2020? Or it just dream after all…..we need more educational, awareness, and mind development TV show that will help Malaysian to be at the level where Malaysia id a developing country….pardon me…developing country….arrgghh talking abt this I am sure I hv lot more to say ….more n more of ideas will be really touch my nerve….i am sick with all the issues like Mat Rempit, Snatch Thief, Rapist, Accident –never free coz you actually cost yourself, all the politicians thingy- they suppose to help all of citizens improve quality of life in their own areas that we have given, they must remember they actually work for us, but seem we work for them most of the time, we pay tax, we pay this higher price an lots more….stop stop! Stop! ..i am getting mad with our country now, but got no choice of staying here ….ok take a deep breath….

Popping Window….for my hubby

U know, I notice that I am some kind of popping window to my hubby almost of the time… I am not sure where he belongs to sometimes but I believed he still here…I told him n he said I am a popping window…. Popping window haaa?

Me: Yang…nanti bla bla bla


Me: Yang….u dengar tak?

Him: Ha? Apa?

Silent……. Coz I normally won’t repeat the line for the second time …I won’t…. N later he lost again…until this ‘popping window’ say something else….then I popping again ….huhuhuhuhuhu

He Sing Paris Hilton Song

Its really put me a big laugh last nite when my hubby sing the song , in the car to fetch David…hhahahah keener sumpah dah lah…Mat Rock nyanyi lagu PH…alalallalalaa hubby kata balik kener kumur mulut….we both gelak sampai nak terburai when we both realize he sing the song nicely….hehehhe minat ker kat PH?


Shifu67 said...

hahaha!.. sbb tu la abg tengok tv kul 8-9 mlm je.

Shifu67 said...

Tu dialog suami isteri fasa berapa tu?

CKiN said...

Shifu67: tgk tv n tak tgk sama jer....lg baik blogging....n the dialog mmg tak der fasa....tapi cari pasal ada lah....