Thursday, September 03, 2009


Salam to all reader...
Please to announce that new fabric (printed jersey) from Korea will be arrived at my place by this coming Saturday (tentatively by 5.00pm).
If i have time, I will try to upload ASAP for a view (of coz for tudung order too).

For time being i will not be able to sell online as time is very crucial. This week and next week I am finishing all Raya Aidilfitri orders and will be deliver before last week of Ramadhan (before 15 Sept).

For those around Klang Valley area, please help yourself by collecting the things from my place. I will be available at 5.00pm- 6.30pm (Mon - Fri). Please call for that.

Tudung raya saya warna apa? Bila nak jahit tuh? huhuhuhu

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Anonymous said...


selepas baca blog ni, saya terpanggil nak offer service proof reading/editing. Jgn terasa tapi saya ikhlas nak tolong.

Memandangkan Pn Shikin berniaga juga, at least boleh potraya professional image kalau penggunaan bahasa yg betul.

Di sini saya nampak byk grammar mistakes, jadi saya ikhlas nak tolong.

Email saya ke

Mama A