Wednesday, May 16, 2007

long break - COME BACK!!!

hello my dear blog....
many soooorrryyy for being away and ignore....just writer's block i think.....
if many asking how i am doin now here, let me tell you i am fine TQ. I am ok and getting fatter n fatter.....the reason y i was away for quite long is just ....for many reason.... other priority took place..

This entry nothing much , else than updating about what had happened lately ...while i am missing.... i will try to update accordingly what is considered necessary...
i think this is the things i really wanted to update....

- pregnancy
- Being 1st time parent preparation
- CML Stand Up & Live for Life, Malacca
- 3D2N @ HKL
- Work? Bizz?
- 1st Wedding Anniversary
- eating habit
- writing a constructive write up?
- Malaysia TV Reality Show

i will try to write this issue according, maybe need me to complete 2 or 3 entry...but i will try....i hope my writer's block

now i am 6 mths old of pregnancy....where left another 3 mths plus to go with this big fat tummy..(someone said i am sexy....uhhhhhh i am glad) baby was so fine n i am doin well at the moment..... ppl start notice my tummy and can regconized me as pregnant lady, so i have a previledge of not participating in long q, or to have a sit at first.... yes thats wat so great about being pregnant....but i try not to take that advantage so much
, but somehow i cant resist of feeling 'queen treatment' by lots of people esp my hubby, Jatt. (thanks)

oppps i have to stop here...will cont tomorrow.....
serious no writer's block just something else urgent..... gudnite

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