Thursday, November 05, 2009

UP : Kak Ita Bkt Beruntung

Swirl Brocade + turqoise plain body (1 only)

White Brocade + off white plain jersey (1 only)

Floral Brocade + turqoise soft plain jersey (2 pcs)

Floral Brocade + Soft purple soft plain jersey (1 only)


Floral Brocade + soft pink plain jersey

Floral Brocade +skin colour plain jersey (1 only)

Floral Brocade + dark coklat @ black plain jersey (1 only)

Yellow + Thai silk

Brocade Flowery for awning

Brocade G Style etc for awning

Red + Brocade Red G Style

Green + Brocade Green Flower Style

Salam kak Ita...
due to my attempt to send email failed, please refer here, in same time i send email to you too... Thanks

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